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Waterfresh Systems produce Reverse Osmosis desalination plants that rank with the best available in the World. They are environmentally friendly and manufactured from highest quality materials to produce optimum quality drinking water from ocean water, brackish water, well water and surface water. They would rank among the most cost effective and efficient units available on the market.

Commercial Watermakers

Our watermakers are developed for highly demanding environments. We have provided many ocean racing boats with watermakers that are light, quiet and reliable. We provide watermakers to industrial vessels such as ships, fishing boats, cruise liners and many more vast reaching applications.

Reverse Osmosis - Desalination

Our units create pure fresh water from a process know as Descalination or Reverse Osmosis. This is the leading way of producing pure fresh water from ocean water, brackish water, well water and surface water.

New Zealand

Watefresh watermakers are designed and developed in Auckland, New Zealand, one of the worlds cleanest and environmentally friendly countries. We develop our systems for distribution around the world. We deal with countries including Australia, America, Europe, England and others.

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Mobile containerised unit - up to 250,000 gals per day

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